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Report: Antonio Rogerio Nogueira To Face Rampage Jackson Next

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The the word according to Tatame:

“It’s set that he’ll be back in September, and rumors point that his opponent might be Quinton Jackson. It’d be a great fight for Rogério, he’s a former UFC champion and a victory over him will move us pretty close to the title. The UFC only has top athletes and Quinton Jackson is really dangerous.

I called for this fight after the guys both fought on the UFC 114 card, Jackson losing and Nogueira winning a razor thin split decision.  It only makes sense in that both guys are contenders, but performed rather lackluster in their respective fights.  So a fight between the two separates the contender from the pretender so to speak.  Not only that, but it would be a good fight to watch as both guys do not hesitate to engage.    I think Rampage should have the edge as he'll want to keep this fight standing.  While Nogueira has good boxing, Jackson has the edge in power.  Nogueira probably will not be able to take this fight to the ground unless he pulls guard.  Who do you like in this fight?