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Dana White Has No Interest In Fedor Emelianenko After Losing To Werdum

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White indicates that he isn't interested in signing Fedor in the above video, and blames the media for pumping Fedor up as the greatest fighter ever.  You may remember me writing that Dana White shouldn't even bother with trying to sign Fedor Emelianenko last week, prior to his huge upset loss to Fabricio Werdum.  Here's a short excerpt:

The whole deal with Dana White wanting Fedor in the UFC is to prove that the best heavyweights fight in the UFC.  White would like nothing better than for Fedor to sign with the UFC and have either Lesnar, Carwin, or Junior Dos Santos put the beatdown on Fedor(not saying they absolutely would).  But for what, to attempt to prove 250,000 people wrong whereas in reality it wouldn't.  Fedor's legacy is cemented whether Dana White choses to believe it or not.  The reasons/excuses are already pre-programmed in people's minds once the time comes that Fedor is legitimately defeated.  And he will lose if he fights long enough against legitimate competition.

So now that Fedor has suffered his first real defeat, White claims he's not interested in signing Fedor.  I guess the allure of Fedor getting his first legitimate loss in the octagon is gone for White now.  However,  I don't exactly believe White in that he wouldn't sign him, but I'm pretty sure Fedor doesn't have the leverage he possessed prior to the loss to Werdum in regards to his mystique of being unstoppable.      

HT: Cagewriter