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UFC 115 Preview: Liddell The Favorite Against Franklin?

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Chuck Liddell headshot VS Rich Franklin headshot
Chuck Liddell   Rich Franklin
54%   46%
Total Votes
I had to go ahead and bring it back because there's usually some good discussion here.  The good ol folks at have voted Liddell as the slight favorite over Rich Franklin for the UFC 115 main event.  Liddell has wasn't since a decision win over Wanderlei Silva in December 2007.  Franklin hasn't won since June 2009, also against Wanderlei Silva.  I would say that Franklin has looked like the better fighter in the past few performances, but he doesn't have big power in his strikes like Liddell.  Although Liddell's power is questionable as I mentioned way back when.  Yall agree with the percentages here or what?