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Legitimate Or Ploy? Koscheck Talks Steroids And Testing For Georges St. Pierre Fight

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Josh Koscheck has gotten pretty good at raising the ire of fans and other fights, but he may have taken things a bit further recently in a piece done with MMAJunkie.  Koscheck basically said he was told thatUFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre was a steroid and HGH user based on hearsay information from BJ Penn's camp.  Check it:

From what I've heard from other fighters in other camps, yeah, [St-Pierre] has done steroids and HGH, possibly," Koscheck told "I don't know. This is just on hearsay information that I've gotten.

"B.J. Penn and his camp gave me a little phone call. They were saying, 'Yeah, he's on steroids. He's this; he's that.' I said, 'Yeah, there's a possibility.' The guy is pretty ripped all year round."

Therefore Koscheck has proposed that he and GSP be subjected to Olympic style testing(blood testing) leading up to their fight later this year, similar to the same testing that caused the mega-boxing match between Pac-man and Floyd Mayweather Jr. to get scrapped:

"I would love to do it; why not?" Koscheck asked. "I think Olympic-style testing would be great for our sport. At least you do it a couple times out from the fight.

"I think it will be a great idea."

Of course GSP agreed to the testing:

I have no problem; any time he wants," St-Pierre said. "I stand for that more than anybody else. I stand for this, and I just hope it's going to happen soon. I know a lot of people cheat in this sport, and it's unacceptable.

"I'm for random drug testing. There's nobody in the UFC that agrees more with random testing then me. ... Anything they want, I don't care. I give my body to science."

"I'm not a coward," St-Pierre said. "Anyone that uses steroids is a cheater. I don't need to cheat to win. I am like I am, and I'm somebody that is not a coward.

"I'm not afraid of Josh Koscheck, and I don't need to cheat to beat him. I'm going to beat him by the book and using the right way."

All of this is great, but I have to wonder if this is just a tactic for Koscheck to try and play mind games with GSP or what.  I mean I could see Koscheck sitting in his room by himself thinking..."what could I do to stir up some controversy for this fight" since he says he does that very thing at times.  I mean IF this type of testing is done for this fight, it would set a precedent and the UFC would more than likely have to foot that very expensive bill.  I wonder if Dana White would support both of these guys in doing the Olympic style testing?  Ariel Helwani, if you are reading this you already know what to ask Dana White!