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Roger Gracie Dominates Mundials (BJJ World Championships)

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Roger-gracie-2_medium Fresh off his win over Kevin Randleman at Strikeforce: Heavy Artillery, Roger Gracie was victorious in the Super Heavyweight and Absolute divisions of the world's most prestigious Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament, the Mundials.

Tatame has the story:


This is the question everybody’s trying to answer after watching closely another brilliant and perfect performance of Roger Gracie. Suffering only four point during the whole championship, Roger submitted all his opponents on his way to the finale, when he confronted Ricardo Demente. Just so you can understand Roger’s sovereignty, he was the only one who made Roger fight the whole 10 minutes, and lost with the scoreboard pointing 13x2 for Gracie. "There’s no secret… It’s all about dedication, believing in yourself and have goals", resumed Roger, who won his seventh title on the division.

Gracie's domination likely cements his status as the best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu player in the world, if not the best outright grappler. He is a 9x Mundials champion and 3x ADCC champion. Hopefully we'll see continued success for him in MMA, where his submission style could be the long-sought kryptonite for the modern breed of wrestler. It'll be interesting to watch, for sure.

For full results, click this link.

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