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UFC 115 Preview: Newcomer Claude Patrick Talks UFC Debut

Patrick will be making his UFC debut against Ricardo Funch next week at UFC 115.  Patrick talks about Frunch and who he's been training with from

"I saw quite a bit in his fight with Johny Hendricks," said Patrick, who supplemented his training at home with time in Florida with the likes of Mohamed Ouali, Marcus Aurelio, David Bielkheden, and Luiz Cane. "It was three rounds so it was good in that I saw a lot of habits and tendencies that he has. In terms of a plethora of videos, like older ones, there wasn’t a lot of footage out there, but that fight showed a lot, so it’s more than enough. And every fight’s different, so you can watch all the videos you want and a guy can change his style entirely."

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