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Why Is Chuck Liddell So Mad About Tito Ortiz Backing Out Of Their Fight?

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Liddell spoke with MMAFighting about Ortiz backing out of the fight among a host of other things.  Including how long he's been in shape for this upcoming fight and his thoughts on Rich Franklin as an opponent.  He says he has plans on knocking Rich Franklin out. 

I got nothing to prove. I knocked him out twice, I'll knock him out again, but I just don't want him to screw me like that and do the show, get the advertising he wants and then walk away from it and then come back and still get a fight and get paid. If he's coming back, he should have to fight me. I put up with him for six weeks.

It doesn't really make sense to me.  I understand his dislike or hatred for Tito Ortiz if you will, but I really don't see why he would want to fight him a third time.  When he first got news of the trilogy he wasn't really thrilled about it, but now it's like he lost a title shot or something.  The Tito fight was pretty useless in that he had destroyed him twice.  Even though Liddell has fallen on tough times in the last few years, I think the consensus opinion was he was going to obliterate Tito for a third time.

He now has an opponent in Rich Franklin with a little more credibility(skill wise) than Tito, so a win there would do a lot more than a win over Ortiz.

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