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UFC 115 Preview: A Humble Paulo Thiago Talks Martin Kampmann And Josh Koscheck

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From Tatame:

Martin Kampmann is a complete athlete, won seven times by knockout and six times by submission, so he is a dangerous guy both standing and on the ground. I had to train it all, I trained a lot my ground game, my boxing, my takedowns, fall defenses and a lot of Wrestling so I don’t get surprised by something I didn’t train.

Kampmann is a well rounded fighter, so this will be an interesting fight for sure.  I think Kampmann should have the edge standing, but we've said that before and look what happened!  The interview spoke on quite a few things, but this was the best part to me.  Thiago was asked if he was upset Koscheck was getting the title shot even though he has a win over Koscheck.  Thiago replied:

Not at all. Koshcheck is much more respected than I am and deserves this opportunity more than me. He has a long history, has beaten much more tough guys and will be a tough one to fight against (Georges) St. Pierre… He will get there with chances to win.

He also stated that he believes that Koscheck has a good chance of defeating Georges St. Pierre later this year.  How do yall see the Thiago/Kampmann jawn going down?