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Josh Koscheck: "TUF 12 Is Going To Be A [Expletive] Great Show"

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Yeah, I’m going to be working my wrestling like crazy and I’m going to force him to stand with me. If he can’t take me down, what’s he going to do? You know, he’s not going to knock me out. So, you know, he better be working with, I heard he’s working with Freddie Roach. You know, the last guy that worked with Freddie Roach, I don’t even know who that was, he got knocked out. Yeah, so, you know, so for me I don’t care, you know, what’s Freddie Roach going to teach Georges St. Pierre you know in six months? So, that’s like trying to teach a grown man how to wrestle in six months, it’s not going to happen.  For me, you know, I’m going to force Georges so stand with me toe-to-toe and he’s going to get knocked out."

Well, he's pretty set on trying to knock Georges St. Pierre out.  I know there was a lot of racket about Dana White saying that Josh Koshcheck wasn't a team player.  Here's what Koscheck has to say on that:

I just want to say that you know I know that Dana (White) you know doesn’t like me, he said in an interview last week regarding you know I’m not a team player and this and that you know and it kind of you know just let it be known that TUF’s 12’s gonna be good because I’m not happy about that because I’m a guy that steps up and fights anybody, any time, any place and to go on air and on record and say that I’m not a team player, that’s BS man. I’m the guy that steps up and fights anybody any time when they need somebody for short notice, who do they call? They call me and you know I’m kind of pissed off about that so I can guarantee you that TUF 12 is going to be a [expletive] great show."

HT: and transcription via Fightopinion