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South Carolina Fighter Michael Kirkham Dies Following Fight

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Michael Kirkham, 30 years old, from Gaston, SC died this morning as a result of a head injury during his MMA event at USC Aiken Saturday. He was pronounced dead this morning at Aiken Regional Medical Center.

Kirkham was transported to Aiken Regional Medical Center after he was struck several times in the head. He was unresponsive when transported and never regained consciousness. He died of a brain hemorrhage.

This was Kirkham's first professional match. He had fought in MMA events 6 times previously as an amateur

Kirkham's fight took place at the "Confrontation at the Convocation" event, promoted by Dash Entertainment and King MMA. Kirkham, nicknamed "Tree", was notable for being 6' 9" and fighting in the lightweight division. This is the second known death in American MMA, following Sam Vasquez's passing in November 2007.

Our condolences go out to Kirkham's family.

UPDATE: Video of Kirkham fighting D'Juan Owens in an amateur match back in April.

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