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Why Shane Carwin's Salary Is What It Is For Mega-Fight With Brock Lesnar At UFC 116

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Steve Cofield and Kevin Iole of Yahoo sports did one of those video conference calls(those are cool btw) where they debated Carwin's salary for the Lesnar fight and why that may be why he's not doing a bunch of PR for the fight.  Carwin reported to MMAJunkie that he stands to make 40K to show and another 40K to win at UFC 116.  Now that is petty money for a card that will do over 1 million PPV buys, but there's a reason why he's only making 80k potentially.  They also talk about the locker room bonuses the UFC gives out and why they are not really a fan of those.  Basically saying they wish those bonuses were made public.  You can watch the entire thing after the jump.

I don't think Carwin's salary has any bearing on how much PR he does for this fight or any fight.  I just think it's a case of the guy realizing he has a huge opportunity, coupled with a newborn at home, and he wants to leave no stone un-turned in going for it all.  Frankly, I have no problem with that.  The reason why he'll only make a maximum of 80K for this fight(not including 'bonuses') is because that's what his contract is currently.  Carwin has only had four fights in the UFC, so let's take a look at how he's come up thru the ranks salary wise:

-Made his UFC debut at UFC 84 and made 12K

-UFC 89 took place in the UK so those salaries were not reported

-UFC 96 he made 32K(16k to show and 16K to win)

-UFC 111 took place in Canada and salaries were not reported

So let's just say that Carwin stood to make 25K to show and 25K to win at UFC 111(Remember he made 32K at UFC 96).  That still would be a pretty significant increase for a guy in his fourth UFC fight of which would only be the second time he's been on the live PPV broadcast.  At UFC 116 he stands to potentially make 80K which would be a pretty significant increase from my guesstimate numbers for UFC 111.

You may say, but this UFC 116 event is going to do astronomical numbers and Carwin deserves a portion of that.  Well, he signed the contract that the currently has that's that.  I'm sure if he defeats Brock Lesnar that he will be able to negotiate a new contract as the new heavyweight champion.  Not to mention he may receive a 'locker room bonus' from the UFC.  It would be cool I suppose to see who receives these bonuses and how much they are worth, but since the UFC is a private company they can pretty much do as they please in that regard.  That's that.