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Strikeforce: Cris "Cyborg" Santos Looks To Take Out Jan Finney

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Upon first hearing of this match up, I was more so in the what in the world is Strikeforce doing?  They are clearly dropping the ball on women's MMA in my opinion.  I've wrote on a couple of occasions that women's MMA could be the way they separate themselves from the UFC.  However, that doesn't seem to be in Strikeforce's plans.  They have a dominant champion in Chris "Cyborg" Santos, one that's just ferocious but this will be the second opponent in a row in which casual fans have no clue who she's facing.  Remember, Marloes Coenen fought on the un-aired prelims prior to getting her shot at Santos.  So, who is Jan Finney?

Well, she's 8-7 and has won her last 4 in a row.  Which is another way of saying she was 4-7 at one point in her career.  Granted, 6 of those losses are to Julie Kedzie, Miesha Tate, Shayna Baszler, and Erin Toughill.  Finney's a tough cookie though in that she's only been stopped via TKO/KO once in her career against Julie Kedzie.

Finney appears to be a striker at heart and that is right down Cyborg's alley. 

Cyborg comes into this fight on a 9 fight win streak, winning her last three fights via TKO.  Her size and power coupled with that Chute Boxe aggressiveness are what set her apart from other female fighters.  However, Finney isn't frailby any means as she stands at 5'8" and looks to be put together fairly well.  I think she usually fights at 135lbs though.  She did hold her own against Erin Toughill who's around the same size if not bigger than Cyborg.

The expectation is that Cyborg should win this one fairly handidly as I think Finney will stand and bang with her.  Maybe Strikeforce can put together the Santos/Toughill that most fans want to see?

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