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UFC 116: Lesnar vs. Carwin In-Depth Video

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I don't feel any threats by him[Carwin] whatsoever-Brock Lesnar

God forbid this fight ends in the first three minutes or anything.  We seriously need to see what Carwin has past the first round.  Although his streak is impressive, it still leaves quite a bit to be desired in that there are so many questions left about his overall skillset.  I mean if he can keep destroying guys in the first round then he very well might be the next Fedor.  However, it goes back to what I wrote earlier today, in that part of Fedor's mystique was snatching victory from the jaws of defeat on several occassions.  Or looking somewhat human only to do something out of the ordinary like getting dropped on his neck only to win via submission like 40 seconds later.  Now Carwin did endure some adversity against Gonzaga only to land that meathook for a right hand to get the win.  This fight is intriguing on so many levels:

-Can Lesnar withstand Carwin's power?

-Can Carwin stop Lesnar's takedowns?

-Does Carwin have a gas tank past the first round?

Not to mention there is already a built in re-match storyline with Lesnar coming off the illness and long hiatus.  If he does lose, you know they'll chalk it up to that and get that re-match going with the quickness.  Man, is it July 3rd yet?

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