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Dana White Shouldn't Bother Trying To Sign Fedor Emelianenko To The UFC Anymore

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It's inevitable.  When Fedor Emelienenko has a fight coming up, all the talk about why he should or shouldn't go to the UFC to prove his legacy starts up again.  It's clear that Fedor is the greatest heavyweight ever, anyone that says otherwise is uninformed or stupid.  Would I have liked for Fedor to have fought in the UFC?  You betcha bottom dollar.  Should the UFC pursue him now?  No, and here's why:

The whole deal with Dana White wanting Fedor in the UFC is to prove that the best heavyweights fight in the UFC.  White would like nothing better than for Fedor to sign with the UFC and have either Lesnar, Carwin, or Junior Dos Santos put the beatdown on Fedor(not saying they absolutely would).  But for what, to attempt to prove 250,000 people wrong whereas in reality it wouldn't.  Fedor's legacy is cemented whether Dana White choses to believe it or not.  The reasons/excuses are already pre-programmed in people's minds once the time comes that Fedor is legitimately defeated.  And he will lose if he fights long enough against legitimate competition.

If Fedor signed with the UFC today and fought Brock Lesnar and got absolutely destroyed, fans would still look at Fedor as the GOAT in my opinion.  That's just the way it is and there's nothing anyone can do about it.  Fedor isn't going to sign with the UFC ever IMO, but let's take a look at why the UFC shouldn't attempt to sign him anymore anyways:

-Fedor will be 34 years old this year

-It would cost the UFC a boatload of money

-The UFC already has the most marketable heavyweight that EVERYONE knows as its champion

It's clear to me that Fedor's skills are not what they once were.  He has always taken damage well(Cro Cop, Arlovski, Rogers), and that's part of his legacy but he can't make those same mistakes against the new wave of heavyweights.  The UFC signing Fedor right now would be the equivalent of the Yankees re-signing Alex Rodriguez to the same deal the Rangers signed him for back in 2000.  Why would you pay someone a record amount of money when they are on the downside of their career?  Could Fedor come to the UFC and win three in a row?  Possibly but not probable in my opinion.  

The UFC already has the most marketable heavyweight in the world as its champion who'll be in action in front of over a million eyeballs next weekend.  If he's defeated, then over a million eyeballs just saw who the new champion was in Shane Carwin.  The consensus among casual fans would be that the winner of that fight is the baddest heavyweight on the planet.  So why keep trying to sign Fedor Emelianenko when risk isn't really worth the reward?