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Randy Couture Vouches For Lesnar, Says He's A Better Fighter Now

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Couture went out to Minnesota to train with Lesnar and spoke with Sherdog about the experience:

"I don’t think the year off has hurt him. He’s made the adjustments physically and dietarily," said Couture, who is preparing for his own co-headlining bout against retired pro boxer James Toney at UFC 118 on Aug. 28 in Boston. "He’s back to 100 percent full strength and I think that having the downtime wasn’t a huge issue for him. He was back pretty quickly to being able to train. Technically, he’s probably learned more and is a better fighter than he was a year ago."..."He moves very well for a big guy and has tremendous horse power," said Couture. "He’s had to make some dietary changes because of getting sick that has him leaner than he’s been, but he’s still in that 280-pound range. He probably won’t have to cut as much weight come fight time."

"I think the more Brock can make this a wrestling match, the less likely that Carwin is going to be able to have it his way and win the fight," said Couture. "I think Brock’s wrestling credentials are stronger and he’s a bigger, generally stronger, more athletic fighter than Carwin. If he can make it a wrestling match and keep it in those terms, he has a very good chance of winning the fight. If he gets sucked in the firefight, throwing four-ounce gloves at one another, anything can happen."

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