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TUF 11 Finale: Matt Hamill Fought And Defeated Keith Jardine With A Broken Hand And Staph Infection

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Yep.  Remember we were all wondering what that 'thing' was on Matt Hamill's back?  He confirmed that it was staph infection.  He also confirmed that he broke his hand in the very first round against Keith Jardine, however, he was able to overcome both problems to win a majority decision.  Hamill spoke on the experience at the post-fight presser:

It just happened so fast and I just go all out with my hands. I don't know what happened. I just fought my heart out. It happened in the 1st round. I knew something was wrong with my hand.

I lost my power and I was trying to go for a takedown. When I grabbed his leg, I had no power to grip... It looked like the Hulk. [Shows his broken hand and Laughs] ...And then he poked me in the eye. I thought I was going to be blind and deaf. Enough Handicaps. But I could fight all night on the feet. Even though I'm not good at striking. But I'm glad I came and fought

I still don't think that point deduction on Jardine should have happened, but you have to give credit where credit is due as well.  Hamill is as tough as they come and even turned up the pressure on Jardine in the second round after getting injured in the first.  How are these fighters able to get thru their medicals with issues like this though?  I mean, I wouldn't want to fight some guy that had staph infection like that.  What say you? 

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