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The Fighting Safe Vs. Fighting Exciting Debate

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It seems as if MMA fighters can't win for losing these days and times.  The fickle MMA fans of the world see to it with each and every event.  UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre came out and said that he fights 'safe' last week, basically saying that he fights to inflict damage on his opponents without taking any damage.  Which is the only way to fight, some fighters are just more skillful at it than others.  Take Anderson Silva for instance, that guy rarely ever takes punishment in a fight and when he decides to get your out of there...well he gets you out of there. 

Just ask Forrest Griffin.

Rashad Evans is catching heat now for 'fighting safe' against Rampage Jackson, but the fact of the matter is if he had fought with any other strategy he would have been decapitated.  He fought a nearly flawless fight and STILL almost lost. 

However, the following news is why I'm an advocate of fighting to win first and then fighting exciting second. 

Enter UFC middleweight Nate Quarry.

Quarry was basically involved in rock'em sock'em ultimate kickboxing in his last two fights(1-1).  However, he just had surgery to correct floating bones in his face.  Check it:

"After the last fight I had some bones that were kind of floating around and we thought it would be best to kind of put those back where they belonged, screw them down, titanium mesh, all that kind of stuff,"

He has no idea of when he's going to return to action, and he'll probably resume the same strategy of fighting exciting opposed to fighting to win.  For what?  Taking unnecessary damage is pretty stupid in my opinion.  I mean that's like saying I know that Honda Accord is 20 something thousand dollars but I'm pay you forty thousand for it.

That's the retarded.  Why should fighters want to get punched in the face just because paid $50 for the PPV?  You rarely see me talk about a fighter winning ugly.  I can recall two instances where I was heated, and that was Randy Couture vs. Brandon Vera and Clay Guida vs. Nate Diaz.  However, I still couldn't place all the blame on Couture and Guida.  It's was up to Vera and Diaz to stop Couture and Guida from just stalling and doing nothing.

That's my take on it.  Discuss.?