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Jens Pulver Released From WEC In All Capacities But Will Continue Fighting Elsewhere

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The release of Pulver from the Zuffa umbrella as a fighter wasn't surprising as he has gone (0-5) in his last five fights.  However, most thought he would be retained as a comentator for the WEC as he has experience in the past and usually does a really good job.  Dana White announced that Pulver would not be serving in that role either to

He has been released," White said. "We had talked about Jens being a part of the WEC somehow, but he's not broadcasting."

Jens Pulver spoke on it himself:

"On the record, you can tell the whole world this: I love the UFC, I love the WEC, I love Zuffa," Pulver said. "But I'm 0-5 (in my last five fights), so I get it. I'm a fighter. Fact is, I've been around a lot longer than these guys today, and I don't make as much money as them. I'm 0-5, and that's something I've got to fix with me -- but I can't take a year off to work on it. I've gotta fight."

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