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Does Shogun Rua Want No Parts Of Rashad Evans?

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From Tatame:

The motivation is natural as the challenges will come. We have great fights ahead of us, we may fight against Lyoto in the future, a rematch against Forrest Griffin, a fight against Anderson in the future, it it’s UFC’s wishes… I would really like that Maurício had a chance to fight against the legendary Randy Couture before he retires… There are great fights that may become good challenges and an important financial reward, since now he is the father of littler Duda, is very happy, excited, and his career has entered a good and deserved phase

This was posted on that website on yesterday(post UFC 114), but it's some of the same stuff we've heard come out of Rua's camp.  They have voiced that they wanted to fight Couture in prior interviews.  However, it's common knowledge that the winner of Rashad Evans and Rampage Jackson at UFC 114 would get the next shot at Shogun Rua. So why is it that there is no mention of wanting to fight Rashad Evans?  Could it be that they feel that Rashad and his wrestling base could be a problem for Rua?  I mean, Rua does have a very good ground game, but his takedown defense isn't the best to be perfectly honest.  I mean Machida took him down pretty easily, granted Rua got back to his feet relatively quickly.  Would he be able to do the same against Evans?