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MMA For Real Interviews Lightweight Bradley Essick

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You guys and gals had a chance to get to know Bradley Essick just a bit as he was video blogging prior to his title shot at the Carolina Fight Promotions a couple of weeks ago.  Essick lost a decison to Amos Collins, but many people think he won and we have the video up on the site if you want to judge it yourself.  Essick spoke to us about that fight as well as his future plans.  How he got the nickname "the rainbow" and who he would like to fight in the future.  Check it all out below.

Kelvin-Bradley how's it going man? What have you been up to since your fight a couple of weeks back...did you come away from the fight pretty much injury free?

Bradley-Well everything is going well for me, my son is in town for the summer. Well I went back to work and started training again, not hard though because my son is in town for the summer. I did come away with no injuries but I did go into the fight with slight injuries. I displaced a rib 5 weeks out. So fight time it was fine but took some good knees to it so I’m letting that heal.

Kelvin-For those not in the know, you had a championship fight with Amos Collins at Carolina Fight Promotions. A lot of people thought you won. Give us your thoughts on the fight as well as Amos as an opponent.

Bradley-I feel that Carolina fight promotions thought I was going to be a guy Amos could get down and pound. They thought I was a jiu jitsu guy when I am really not, they got that from Bobby Shanor fight. So Amos planned for a fight that didn’t go how it thought it would. I planned for a fight the way it went with him throwing overhands and trying to grab me and wizard me. Amos is a stand up guy can’t say anything bad about him. He came to fight and that’s what he did. As for the fight I’m very disappointed in the outcome.  I felt I did enough to win that fight as did a lot of people even Amos said I won afterwards. I can not be mad about it I’m a fighter. I’m not a judge. I go to fight and that’s what I did and I fought him. If everyone thought I won that’s great but the three people who matter didn’t. That’s why I'm thankful I'm a ammy. These fights are stepping stones and learning experiences. I should have been more active in the fight; I should have stepped back and let my hands fly. I’ve watched the tape more times then I can count I know what I need to do to win and what I need to do to finish. I could go on for days what I should have done but I didn’t and now I go back to the drawing board as they say.

Kelvin-Excellent point about being an amateur.  Are you guys looking at a re-match or are you moving on to other things?

Bradley-Do fat kids love cupcakes? I told him in the cage lets dance again. He said yes, so that's something that a promotion needs to work out. I’m down to fight him when ever where ever. For now I will be moving on to other things I have had some other offers that I am considering.

Kelvin-Good stuff.  I read that you were planning on dropping down to 145 once you turn pro. You have about 7 fights under your belt as an amateur. What time frame are you looking at in regards to turning pro?

Bradley-That is my plan I will be dropping to 45 when I turn pro. The reason I fight 55 now is the same day weigh ins. I like fighting 55 cause most the guys I fight are stronger or bigger like Amos. So knowing that I can control someone of that size makes me that more hungry for a drop in weight. I do have 7 fights now.  I plan to do a minimum of 10 fights. If my tenth fight comes and I don’t feel that I'm ready I'm not against staying an ammy. There are a couple of things I want to get more confident with. Like letting my hands go. In the gym I throw down. In the cage I don’t throw as much. So that is my hurdle I’m jumping right now. In due time I will be tearing up the pros.

Kelvin-What coming up next on the agenda for you and when can we expect to see you in action again?

Bradley-Well for the summer like I said my son is in town. So that is on my plate now he is here till Aug 6th. So I am still training and staying in shape just not training as if I am fighting. You should see me back in action end of august or middle of September. For now just enjoying my boy b/c he lives out of state.

Kelvin-Yea, I can relate to spending time with kids.  Anyone in particular that you'd like to face next?

Bradley-I do have a laundry list I would like to face. First when I turn pro wild Bill Metts that was fight the first time and the second one would be no different. JJ Brantley I feel that would be a great fight, nice guy and great team and they even had mentioned it to me. Scott Ferel he knocked out one of our guys. I want to fight the top guys around b/c I see my self in that same category.

Kelvin-Let's switch it up for a'd you get the nickname "The Rainbow"?

Bradley-How'd I know this question was coming. Well first off it is not what you think. I went out to corner my buddy Noah Thomas at WEC 41 Faber vs. Brown 2. When I went out there he also had Joe Lauzon UFC lightweight fighter to corner him also. Joe also brought out his buddy Chris Palmquest who runs the underground Well we were eating breakfast one day and I was talking about my rainbow sandals and had a bright pink shirt on. Joe then goes rainbow and everyone laughed then Chris goes on to the database and puts it on there for the world to know. Now it is my fight name one of my sponsor stroker industry made me a shirt with it. I like it, I mean no one else has a name like that. I would love a name like punisher or killer but it is funny that I got rainbow. That is the story and I’m sticking to it.

Kelvin-Ha!  What do you like to do in your spare time and what's something about Bradley that folk would be surprised to know?

Bradley-Well I was a rescue swimmer for 5 years in the Navy. Jumping out of helicopters and swimming for a living. I now have a job with Delta Air Lines as a passenger service agent. That means when people get angry my employees call me and I get yelled at cussed at. It’s funny that I’m a cage fighter but have to take to BS of others at work. Ha-ha. My job is cool with it they all ask about it. Another fun fact about me I also use to work on helicopters.

Kelvin-Interesting stuff man.  I know you fight at a lighter weight, but I have to get your thoughts on the upcoming mega-fight between Brock Lesnar and Shane Carwin. Who takes that one and why?

Bradley-This is simple if Carwin lands one shot Brock is going to sleep. I feel Brock has no chin look at the Mir fight the second one. Mir was landing and Brock looked rock but grabbed him and got him down. I see Carwin being able to match strength with him so I see Carwin taking this fight. Now if Brock gets him down I don’t know. My guess Carwin TKO round 1.

Kelvin-Is there anyone out there you would like to thank in regards to fans and sponsors, etc.?

Bradley-I would like to thank for posting and following me for this fight you do a great job. for hooking me up with a place to train at. 24/7 off Healy Dr. in Winston. The guys I train with, the team I train with, thanks team one you guys rock. Also Carolina Fight Promotions, Stroker Industries who have been with me from the start.  Check their site also the people who supported me sorry I didn’t get the W but after every storm a rainbow appears and comes out on top.

Thanks for taking the time to speak with us Bradley and good luck in your upcoming endeavors.