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MMA For Real TUF 11 Finale Staff Predictions

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Kris McCray def. Court McGee Unanimous Decision

For some reason it seem like every season it seems like the unheralded fighter coming into the TUF Finale has won in recent years. I didn't watch TUF much this season, but from what I saw McCray was often profiled. I like McCray to buck this trend because I had seen him fight before entering the house, and he trains with a very well known camp. From what I have seen McCray has really great wrestling, but not much else. I think it will be enough to put away McGee.

Keith Jardine def. Matt Hamill Unanimous Decision

Forrest of Lights Out Radio sent me this stat: Jardine is 2-5 in his last 7. The two wins are split decisions. Both are not great fighters. I give the edge to Jardine because he has more tools to defeat Hamill. Plus I have never seen Hamill connect with a left hook. Not really excited about this fight. 

SBN coverage of The Ultimate Fighter 11 Finale

Aaron Simpson def. Chris Leben TKO Rd. 3

Leben can't takedown Simpson and he can't exactly out strike Simpson so I don't like his chances in this fight. Simpson can takedown Leben if he is not getting the better of the stand-up.

Spencer Fisher def. Dennis Siver Unanimous Decision

This is going to be a slugfest for about 2 rounds. Than Siver is going to get tired and fold. Mark my words. Siver's only hope is to land his patten-ed spinning kick to the body. Should be a good fight.

Rich Attonito def. Jamie Yager Submission Rd. 3

Am I the only one who doesn't care about most of these TUF fights? Like I said haven't watched much of TUF this year so I will pick Attonito because he didn't lose in the house.

John Gunderson def. Mark Holst Unanimous Decision

I have never seen Holst fight, but in his last bout he beat for TUF castmate Corey Hill. John Gunderson should get the win here. Personally I really like the guy and he has some good wrestle-boxing so I think he will get the job done in this fight.

Brad Tavares def. Seth Baczynski Rd. 2 TKO

Tavares is a hard hitting Hawaiian who was promptly featured on the show. I expect Zuffa gave him a winnable fight.

Kyle Noke def. Josh Bryant

 I got Noke because he has a cool accent and has decent wrestling.

Chris Camozzi vs. James Hammortree Draw

If this fight ends in a draw, will Zuffa keep both guys? I want it to happen now. Two fighters that will most likely never get to the UFC ever again get to stay in the company. Good for them and good for me that they stay on the undercard.

Travis Browne def. James McSweeney TKO Rd. 2

Browne is a 6'7 Giant that is a far better striker than McSweeney. Browne is going to damage McSweeney at any position. Not going to be a good night for James McSweeney 

Charles Walker:

Court McGee vs. Kris McCray
Ummm, I'll be honest and say that I didn't really watch this season.  The few episodes I did catch it seemed that every one of them had Kris McCray fighting on them.  Anyways, I don't know if this will be very exciting but I can see both guys going all out Forrest Griffin/Stephan Bonnar style to close the show off.  With that said, Court has seemed to be the darkhorse this season and I very well could see him TUF-ing his way to a win.  Either way I don't see either guy finishing the other, so I'll go McGee via decision.

Keith Jardine vs. Matt Hamill

Boy they don't like Jardine.  He's probably one of the few guys that's made a decent name and then has been placed in all murderer's row type fights.  Hamill isn't going to be easy and the fact that Hamill's so heavy handed and Jardine's always shown to be susceptible to the heavy shots, I don't know if he'll make it out of this one.  However, Rich Franklin was able to beat up on Hamill with kicks and that's a place Jardine excels.  I still think he'll get caught, just because he has a penchant for brawling and when in close quarters he usually takes a nap.  Hamill via TKO in round 3.

Aaron Simpson vs. Chris Leben

I think Simpson is just too much for Leben.  I don't think he'll finish him but he'll more than likely beat him up for the duration of the fight.

Spencer Fisher vs. Dennis Siver

Joe Stevenson put a beatdown on Fisher but I don't see Siver being able to do the same.  Spencer's very tough and he's from NC, so he has to win.  I'll take Fisher via decision.

John Gunderson vs. Mark Holst

Holst via decision

James McSweeney vs. Travis Browne

Brown via TKO in round 3

Kyle Noke vs. Josh Bryant

Noke via decision.

Jamie Yager vs. Rich Attonito

Yager via TKO in Round 2 unless he quits

Brad Tavares vs. Seth Baczynski

Tavares via beatdown in round 1

Chris Camozzi vs. James Hammortree

 No idea, so Hammortree via decision

Robert Downey Sr.:

Court McGee defeats Kris McCray via Decision

Matt Hamill defeats Keith Jardine via TKO, Round 2

Aaron Simpson defeats Chris Leben via Decision

Spencer Fisher defeats Denis Siver via Submission

Jamie Yager defeats Rich Attonito via KO, round 1

Kelvin Hunt:

-McGee vs. McCray:  I think both fighters are tough as hell and their time since the show will have a lot to do with who wins this fight.  I'm going with McCray via Decision.

-Hamill vs. Jardine:  Jardine has more tools in the box and Hamill has been one dimensional.  If Hamill uses his wrestling he can win.  If not, Jardine will outpoint him because Hamill's striking isn't very good.  I'm going with Jardine via UD.

-Simpson vs. Leben: Simpson is the better wrestler and does has power in his hands as does Leben.  Leben isn't a total scrub on the ground, but Simpson might be able to wear him down and TKO him late though.  Yep, I'm going with that.

-Fisher vs. Siver:  I think Fisher is the better all around fighter and he should be able to pick Siver apart for the UD win.

-Yager vs. Attonito:  Ehh...Yager hits hard and is pretty athletic so I'm go with him via TKO.

-McSweeney vs. Brown:  I just don't see McSweeney overcoming the reach advantage that Brown will have.  Brown via UD.

-Noke vs. Bryant:  Noke via UD

-Tavares vs. Baczynski:  Tavares via UD

-Camozzi vs. Hammortree: Ehh...Camozzi by something

-Gunderson vs. Hoist: Gunderson via TKO

Rich Wyatt:

- Jardine over Hamill by decision. My guess is that Jardine will successfully keep the fight standing enough to outscore Hamill.
- McGee over McCray by decision. I'm pulling for McCray, but McGee's wrestling might very well help carry him to the victory in this one.
- Browne over McSweeney by TKO in the 2nd. Browne tests himself by taking a step up from the smaller shows that he is used to fighting on. My guess is that he earns a victory by stoppage.
- Simpson over Leben by decision. Can Aaron remain undefeated? His fight with Lawler was valuable experience and I'm betting that we see an improved Simpson on Saturday.
- Fisher over Siver by decision.
- Holst over Gunderson by decision.
- Noke over Bryant by TKO in the 2nd.
- Attonito over Yeager by TKO in the 3rd.
- Tavares over Baczynski by decision.
- Camozzi over Hammortree by decision.