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TUF 11 Preview: Keith Jardine Explains Why He's Been Getting Knocked Out

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From the UFC conference call transcribed by MMAFighting:

"A lot of times, I got caught because I was trying to be too orthodox, too clean – like I read a how-to boxing book," Jardine said. "(I was) a little bit too planned in everything I was doing. Now I'm just more relaxed – just flow free and have fun."

"I had to sit down with my coaches and say, 'Look, man, something's wrong here. I can't possibly work any harder than I've been working for these fights. I can't train any harder, but something's wrong. This is not just a freak thing anymore. We need to find out what it is,'" Jardine recalled. "And I think we've done that. I'm sure we've done that. And I'm sure that I'm ready for a rebirth." .

"Sometimes you get worse before you get better," Jardine said. "I tried to be too polished and I tried to be too planned in everything I was doing, and I think that's come full circle now. And I think I'm ready to let loose and exhibit a lot of the stuff I've been doing."

So Jardine thinks that he's been thinking too much and has gone away from his orignal unorthodox style that helped him beat Forrest Griffin and Chuck Liddell? He looks pretty much the same fighter to me. It's just that the accumalations of all those shots he takes due to poor defense have finally caught up to that chin. He'll have a winnable fight against Matt Hamill this weekend though. That is unless Matt Hamill the wrestler comes out of nowhere, but Hamill has never really integrated his wrestling ability into his MMA game thus far. But, Hamill does pack some power in his punches albeit they are fairly slow and predictable. Will we see Keith Jardine live to fight another day, or will this be the end of his UFC run?

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