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MMA For Real Light Heavyweight MMA Rankings

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Fighter Last Ranking
1. Shogun Rua 1
2. Lyoto Machida 2
3. Rashad Evans 3
4. Rampage Jackson 8
5. Forrest Griffin 5
6. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira 4
7. Thiago Silva 6
8. King Mo Lawal 9
9. Gegard Mousasi 10
10. Ryan Bader UR

FINALLY!  This division can get back right with Rampage active again.  Even with the long layoff and the loss to Evans...he's still the #4 LHW IMO...especially with that cage rust off.  Nogueira dropped with that performance against Brilz.  With Luiz Cane's departure....Ryan Bader enters the top ten for the first time.  Which that spot is basically a toss up between him and Jones.