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TUF 11 Finale Preview: Chris Leben Thinks Discipline Will Lead To A Win Over Aaron Simpson

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"He (Simpson) is a phenomenal athlete and he’s obviously accomplished a lot in his wrestling career," he said. "He’s also a little bit older, so he’s seasoned and I don’t think that nerves will be a problem with him, and he always comes in great shape. Obviously there are some holes in his game – wrestling is his number one attribute, he doesn’t move his head a ton and he’s a little bit heavy on his feet. It’s gonna be a great fight, and if I execute my game plan and perform the way that I know I can, I think I should take him out rather easily."

It seems weird to hear Leben talk about executing gameplans, but that's what he did in his last fight against Jay Silva.  I'm not sure that Leben will be able to keep the fight on the feet in this one though.  We've seen Simpson weather adversity and keep coming to grind out a win.  We've seen Leben get rocked them land a bomb out of nowhere to win via devastating KO.  So this one has all the makings of a barnburner.  Who you got in this one?