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Babalu Sobral Doesn't Want Title Fight With King Mo With Victory Over Robbie Lawler

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Scott Coker announced that the winner of Robbie Lawler would get a title shot, most likely being Lawler as a middleweight and Sobral as a light heavyweight last week:

"That fight's going to have a lot of implications," said Coker. "I think that fight, the winner, if Babalu looks good and wins the fight, I think he will be first in line for a match-up (with) King Mo.

"I think Robbie, if he wins the fight, he'll be first in line to have a title shot at 185 against Jacare."

 The only problem is Sobral trains with the current Strikeforce LHW champion King Mo Lawal.  So basically, if Sobral beats Lawler it'll be all for nothing.  That is, unless he plans on fighting at middleweight which he has mentioned before.  Epic Fail? 

HT: MMA Heat

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