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Mirko Cro Cop Pondering Retirement Again, Says He's Too Old For Spartan Training

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Fighters Only with a translation from the Croation website Jutarnji:

"In addition to winning the Pride Grand Prix Finals, it’s my favorite fight of my career [but] most of the training proved to me that I am now too old for this…I don’t know about a new contract with the UFC. I believe that I gave this game a lot, I fought with the greatest fighters...

"For 20 years I lived this life and now I have no motivation for the fight, no mental strength for all the Spartan training. I am no longer so hungry for victory. I will not stop training, but if I am asleep I’ll stay in bed and practice an hour later."

Of course the UFC 115 fight was the last fight on Mirko's UFC contract.  Dana White said that they would like to bring Mirko back for more fights and that Mirko wanted to finish his career in the UFC.  So I don't know if something got lost in the translation or if Mirko just had a change of heart?  Is his UFC 115 win a good fight to retire on if this is indeed the case?