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Dana White: The UFC Is The NFL Of MMA

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From MMAJunkie:

Strikeforce, we need Strikeforce to exist. I don't want Strikeforce to go away. I need these guys. I need them and all the other guys. I wish the other idiots didn't blow their brains out like they did."

"Everybody wants to come in and try to compete with us," White said. "We've been around for almost 20 years. I've been doing this for 10 years, and we're the ones building the [expletive] industry. We have built this industry over the last nine years. Everybody else is following. You think Strikeforce knows the next move? Is Strikeforce doing anything to get New York and Ontario done? [Expletive], no. We are, and we're going to get it done. They're just riding along.

"All these other guys blew their brains out and spent millions and millions of dollars that if done the right way, they could have made money and built the business. But no, we're going to go out and compete with the UFC. You know how [expletive] dumb that is? It's like us sitting at my house on a Sunday going, 'Look at this NASCAR. Oh, my God. Look at all the people there. Look at how much money they're making. You know what? We should steal a couple of their drivers, and we'll start our own league.' Does that sound [expletive] dumb to you? That's how [expletive] dumb it is to think you're going to come out and compete with us now."

"Where are these guys going?" White asked. "What are they doing? They're not going anywhere. They're not doing anything. You know what we're doing? (UFC co-owner) Lorenzo (Fertitta) was just on the road for [expletive] 12 days. He was in China. Then he was in India.

"We're doing deals. We're going to do these shows. We're going to open up all these different countries, and people are [expletive] seriously asking me about Strikeforce?"

"There was a time when it was neck-and-neck," White said. "That time is over.

"There were times when we were in dogfights, but everybody needs to just concede and realize we're the [expletive] NFL. Period. End of story."

Dana White spoke a lot of other stuff in the piece so I suggest you check it all out if you haven't already.  However, I just wanted to point out the obvious really in that White is correct about other promotions wanting to compete with the UFC directly.  I think it's absolutely retarded myself, especially considering the way these organizations attempted to conduct business.  What I can't figure out is why doesn't a promoter out there arrange a meeting with Dana White and the UFC to become THAT feeder organization to the UFC?  That promotion would always have the support of the UFC and the ability to hold decent shows with up and coming fighters or fighters looking to work themselves back towards the UFC if fallen on hard times.