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After Sleeping on It: Post-UFC 115 Thoughts

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  • That’s enough, Chuck.
  • Cro Cop just won a war. It was vindication against all the naysayers who said he had no fire left in him. He survived Barry’s best shots and used the knowledge accrued from a long and glorious career to finish his opponent. I’ll admit I was a bit surprised it came from a rear naked choke, as Cro Cop has only submitted one previous opponent (Kevin Randleman) with a guillotine. But it was more of a "What do I have to do to finish this guy?" move coupled with Barry’s ineptitude on the mat than any sort of brilliant Brazilian jiu-jitsu display. I said going into the fight that Cro Cop could trade with Barry and survive, while his ground skills would provide him the best avenue for victory. Right now, I’m patting myself on the back. Give him Antonio Rodrigo Noguiera next, in a rematch of a classic fight that everyone wants to see.
  • I fortunately had Cro Cop’s magical healing potion to put on my wounds after the Paulo Thiago hype train crashed. Don’t get me wrong, Martin Kampmann is a good fighter. It’s just we’ve all figured Thiago has seen his success against presumably better fighters than Kampmann (excluding Jacob Volkmann) and the Brazilian was outclassed in this fight. I’d love to see Kampmann against either the Alves/Fitch loser or, more tantalizingly, against Jake Shields in Shields' eventual UFC debut.
  • I postulated prior to the fight that Carlos Condit was too much for Rory McDonald at this point in his career. That wasn’t exactly proven true, as McDonald controlled the former WEC champ for most of the fight. But I can’t help but think McDonald would have made it out of that third round if he had a little more seasoning.
  • Yvel/Rothwell was as fun as any heavyweight fight can be the lasts more than a round. I don’t think Yvel should be cut, although he probably will be. A fight with Cheick Kongo should be his last chance because, well, that’s an awesome fight on paper. If they don’t want to make Cro Cop/Noguiera II, they should reset the Cro Cop/Rothwell fight that was scheduled for UFC 110. Otherwise, Rothwell vs. Gabriel Gonzaga would be interesting.
  • Evan Dunham is the new hotness. Him vs. Stevenson/Gomi winner sounds good to me. It’s an appropriate match against a good veteran, a necessary step before facing a steady diet of the division’s elite.
  • Yves Lavigne screwed up big time, yes, but let's not be so hard on the guy. I doubt the decision will be reversed; Vancouver doesn't even have an athletic commission to review it. There is, however, The Ultimate Fighter Finale coming up just this weekend, and neither man sustained any kind of serious damage. Book the rematch, Joe Silva!