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UFC 115 Recap And Commentary

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Wow.  This event turned out to be pretty good in my opinion.  We saw a one hitta quitta knockout.  We saw submissions at the last second.  We saw a war in Condit vs. MacDonald, and we saw Mirko Cro Cop possibly extend his fighting career.  The biggest story-line is that Chuck Liddell is done.  I said he was done after the Shogun loss, and I'm still saying it while Rich Franklin proved it.  Check it:

-The punch that put Liddell done didn't even seem like it should have put him away like that.  I mean that KO looked like some UFC Undisputed stuff the way he fell.  He's done, thanks for the memories Chuck but don't come back.  Rich Franklin has madd heart in fighting with a broken arm and getting the win, but he will not be beating any of the elite guys.

-Mirko Cro Cop fought the smart fight to get the win after getting dropped twice in the first.  I said if he took Barry down he was win the fight fairly easily, and that's what happened once he took the fight to the ground.  Pat Barry isn't the next big thing and will never be the next big thing because he refuses to hone his ground game.

-Martin Kampmann exploited the holes in Paulo Thiago's game.  I think it was Forrest Lynn(from the Lights Out Radio show) that said Paulo isn't that good but guys just fight with stupid gameplans.  Well, somebody(Kampmann) finally fought the smart fight against him.  Kampmann re-enters my top ten list for welterweights.  Give him Jon Fitch next and stop playing.

-Ben Rothwell and Gilbert Yvel went at it for some heavyweights.  The action was fact paced the first two rounds and I enjoyed that fight but neither will be contenders ever.

-Carlos Condit is one of the slowest starters ever.  If he fought every round the way he fights the last round in his fights, he would be tough to beat.  I knew MacDonald would give him a run, but Condit's experience and gas tank overwhelmed the youngster in the final frame.  Some folk think it was an early stoppage, but that kid was getting his ass whipped and it could have been a 10-8 round possibly.  Not to mention that MacDonald got takedowns but didn't do much with them.  Condit did  way more damage in the fight.  I said Kampann vs. Fitch earlier, but maybe it's time for the Condit/Kampmann re-match?

-Evan Dunham continues to impress.  He outclassed Tyson Griffin fairly easily.  I'd like to see him face another top guy.

-Mac Danzig was robbed.

-The referee in the Claude Patrick/Ricardo Funch fight is an idiot.


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