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UFC 115 Results: Mirko Cro Cop Chokes Out Pat Barry Via Rear Naked Choke In Rd. 3

The fight begins and it's evident that Barry has the speed advantage right away.  Mirko's pretty one dimensional in throwing the straight left but doesn't connect.  Barry drops Mirko with a big right hand, but doesn't follow him down to the ground.  The action resumed and Barry dropped Mirko again but doesn't follow him to the ground.  Mirko's jaw is swollen badly.  Barry ends the round with a high kick that glances. 

Mirko opens up more aggressive in the second round and swarms Barry scoring with some punches.  Mirko clinches with Barry against the cage.  The ref calls a break in the action.  Barry attempts a head kick and loses his balance.  Mirko threatens with a guillotine and takes Barry to the ground landing in half-guard.  MIrko with body punches.  Mirko mounts Barry with 1:15 left in the round.  Mirko with some punches to Barry's head.  Mirko working for the RNC but Barry is defending as the bell sounds.

The last round starts and Mirko opening up as the aggressor.  Mirko with an axe kick.  Barry looks like he's gassing.  Barry with left and Mirko answers with an uppercut.  Mirko presses Barry against the cage.  Mirko with some dirty boxing against the cage.  Mirko hurts Barry and Mirko swarms....Barry goes down and Mirko is trying to finish.  Mirko sinks in the rear naked choke with no hooks in.  Mirko Cro Cop turns back the clock one more time.  

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