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UFC 115 Results: Martin Kampmann Outclasses Paulo Thiago For Easy Uanimous Decision Win

The fight begins and Kampmann wa using the jab very effectively along with leg kics and counters for the first round.  He was able to keep Thiago at bay for the duration of the round and seemed to have Thiago guessing.  Kampmann also stuffed Thiago's takedown attempt as well.  Kampmann countered Thiago with a nice right hand that dropped him and Thiago went for a single leg takedown.  Thiago got the takedown while Kampmann threatened with a guillotine.  Kampmann back to his feet only to be taken down again.  Kampmann has a darce choke and it's tight.  Thiago rolls feverishly and gets out of the submission as Kampmann threatens another guillotine as the bell sounds.  

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Kampmann back to the jab as the second round starts.  Kampmann with a leg kick and Thiago answers with a wild haymaker combo.  Thiago with more wild haymakers that miss as Kampmann answers with an uppercut.  They goto the ground and Kampmann takes Thiago's back.  Thiago is threatening with a kimura but Kampmann is defending thus far.  Thiago uses the kimura to sweep Kampmann and land in side control with 40 seconds left in the round.  They get back to their feet and Kampmann lands a nice knee prior to the bell sounding.

The final round begins and Kampmann tries to establish the jab.  He grabs Thiago with an over under and takes him down to the mat.  Kampmann takes Thiago's back, but Thiago gets back to his feet and tries to take Kampmann down but Kampmann defends well.  Kampmann with a nice knee as they break.  Kampmann takes Thiago's back and lands some shots to Thiago's head.   Kampmann was working for an arm triangle as the bell sounded and probably would have gotten it if 30 more seconds were in the round.  Outstanding job by Kampmann.