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UFC 115 Results: Ben Rothwell Survives To Outlast Gilbert Yvel Via Unanimous Decision

This was a crazy fight.  It was as night of takedowns from Rothwell only to be reversed or swept by Yvel.  Rinse and repeat.  However, it was Yvel who did the majority of the damage in the fight after surviving a hot start by Rothwell at the very beginning of the fight.  Rothwell was able to mount Yvel several times during the fight only to see Yvel get out of the position and inflict damage upon Rothwell.

The closest the fight came to being stopped was in the second round as Yvel used an Americana to reverse Ben Rothwell.  As soon as Yvel had top position he unleashed a barrage of heavy punches only to see Rothwell survive the onslaught at make it to the third round.  As the third round started Yvel attempted a takedown and it was stuffed by Rothwell forcing Yvel to pull guard.  It was all over from that point as Rothwell controlled the entire round even putting Yvel in the crucifix position to reign down some punches.  Yvel was just too gassed to attempt anything and Rothwell dominated the final round with position and strikes.

Rothwell took the judges decision.

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