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UFC 115 Results: Carlos Condit Comes On Strong To Take Rory MacDonald In The Third Via TKO

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The first round was MacDonald captilizing with takedowns while Condit probably landed more on the feet.  MacDonald was able to time Condit's strikes or catch Condit was he was throwing a knee to acheive the takedown.  Condit wobbled MacDonald with big right hand and landed several solid leg kicks.  However, MacDonald was pressing the action the most of the round. 

The second round was pretty even as Condit landed some leg kicks and managed to take MacDonald down only to be swept by MacDonald.  Condit was trying to work the rubber guard but couldn't do much with it and MacDonald wasn't doing anything really offensive as Condit got back to his feet.  MacDonald was the aggressor as he kept moving forward the whole round until Condit kind of took over for the last 40 seconds. 

The last round saw Condit opening up with kicks.  The exchange wildly and both land.  MacDonald with a takedown attempt but Condit stuffs it. Condit with top position and is punishing MacDonald right now with elbows.  Condit mounts MacDonald but then MacDonald gets half guard back.  Condit with more elbows from the top.  MacDonald gets back to his feet.  Condit with a nice combo and MacDonald shoots for a takedown but it's stuffed.  Condit is putting the heat on MacDonald now as he pins MacDonald against the cage.  Condit with another elbow.  Condit is working MacDonald over right now and the referee comes in to save MacDonald with 8 seconds left in the round.

Condit wins via TKO.     

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