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UFC 115 Prelim Results: Evan Dunham Controls Tyson Griffin For Split Decision Win

The fight begins and Dunham lands a nice body kick.  Griffin with a nice leg kick and a solid 1-2.  Griffin with another leg kick and another.  Dunham shoots for a single leg and gets it but Griffin shows nice balance to avoid the takedown.  Griffin with a nice right hand.  Griffin with another solid leg kick and another but Dunham counters with a right.  Griffin with a glancing right and another leg kick.  Dunham with a nice body kick and then a glancing head kick.  Griffin with a kick/punch combo.  Dunham counters a kick with a punch and a kick of his own.  Griffin misses a hook and slips as Dunham gradually takes his back with both hooks in.  Dunham working for the rear naked choke and Griffin is defending nicely with a minute left in the round.  Griffin with punches  to Dunham's face as Dunham has his back as the bell sounds.

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The second round begins Griffin misses a leg kick. Dunham lands a solid right hook.  Dunham with a takedown as Griffin toys with the idea of going for a guillotine.  Dunham in Griffin's half-guard.  Griffin trying to get to his feet and does.  Dunham with a hook and Griffin lands a kick and another.  Dunham times Griffin's punches and takes Griffin down again.  Griffin going for a kimura on Dunham's left arm and Dunham slickly takes Griffin's back.  Griffin gets to his feet with Dunham on his back still.  Griffin tries to throw Dunham on his head but Dunham still has his back as Griffin gets back to his feet again as the bell sounds.

The third round begins and they have a wild exchange.  Griffin with a huge right hand as he stuffed a Dunham takedown.  Griffin lands another big right hand.  Dunham with a four punch combo.  Dunham with a big head kick that misses.  Griffin shoots for a takedown and Dunham stuffs it.  Dunham with a solid body kick and another.  He takes Griffin down and takes his back with both hooks in.  Dunham with some punches to the head.  Griffin gets back to his feet with Dunham on his back again.  Dunham working for the RNC but he can't get it.

The judges award Dunham the Unanimous Decision win.