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UFC 115 Liddell/Franklin Preview: Which Veteran Re-Launches His Career?

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It's turn back the clock time.  Well, that's what the UFC would have you believe in this one I suppose.  We've been fed a steady diet of the same old same old, both fighters have taken time off and re-invented the wheel to return and capture former glory.  That's not going to happen, but there will be a winner in this fight that will help their career get re-launched so to speak.  Most of you know all about both Chuck Liddell and Rich Franklin as both guys have been around for quite some time.  Both guys are strikers at heart, but Franklin probably has more tools at his disposal whereas Liddell packs more power. 

Keys to the fight

-Franklin must avoid the power of Liddell

-Franklin must throw straight punches and mix in that kick to the liver he likes to throw...also some leg kicks

-Liddell needs to establish his range then just land that overhand right while creating angles to do so.

-Liddell should mix in a couple of takedowns here and there that will get points and keep Rich honest.

-Franklin doens't really have huge power, but Liddell definitley better keep those hands up...not sure about that chinny chin chin anymore.

Ultimately I think this is a fight that Chuck Liddell can win.  Franklin hasn't shown the best chin of late and he's coming off quite a long layoff as well.  Liddell's power could be the difference in this fight.  However, Franklin's skillset is similar to that of Keith Jardine in that he does have decent kicks and can probably pick Liddell apart at times.  Franklin is also a southpaw.  It should be an entertaining fight, but I think I'm have to go with the Iceman via TKO.

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