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UFC 113: Machida Vs. Shogun II Recap And Post Fight Analysis

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-Shogun Rua is the man.  I didnt' think he could pull it off again, but he absolutely left no doubt as to who is the #1 LHW in the world.  BTW, I had it right all along :).  Now let's get ready for ALL of those matches that Charles spoke about earlier this week.  I feel like a little kid on Christmas or something because there are all types of exciting matchups out there.  Also, I couldn't really hear anything at the bar, but it sounded like the crowd went crazy for Shogun during his post-fight interview.  A star reborn?

-Franklin McNeil doesn't know anything.  Why would he even come out and say something about a guy being injured RIGHT before the fight?   

-Josh Koscheck really knows how to work the crowd eh?  Koscheck vs. GSP II would do MASSIVE PPV numbers if it's held in Canada.

-Goodbye Paul Daley.  You are being cut for being retarded.  I'm sure Koscheck probably said something smart, but you can't do that.  Especially not after what happened at the last Strikeforce event. 

-Sam Stout has madd heart, but I have to credit local fighter D'Juan Owens because he called this fight exactly how it would go.  Also, while Stephens was throwing lots of power shots as usual.  Didn't he look a bit more polished in his standup tonight?  Maybe it was just me.  I wanna see Jeremy Stephens vs. Melvin Guillard.

-Damn Kimbo.  Those slams were great, but you gassed with the quickness.  Props for not tapping to that Americana though.  Why did it take Mitrione so long to finish Kimbo?  He must have been trying to get that sub of the night bonus or something?  BTW, Kimbo is being cut from the UFC if you didn't know.

-Alan Belcher is a beast.  That facebuster was dope and LEGAL.  At first I was like they are going to call that for being illegal, but because Cote landed on his face, it's not a 'spike'.  Belcher has put together some solid wins as of late.  It's time for him to fight somebody in the top ten at MW.

-Tom Lawlor's finishing skills just evaporate or something.  It was a replca of the Aaron Simpson fight.  How did he let Joe Doerkson off the hook like that?  I know Doerkson is a vet, but he was ready to get out of there in the first round.

-The crowd was great as usual in Canada.  Those fans are great.