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UFC 113 Results: Josh Koscheck Dominates Paul Daley For Unanimous Decision

After a brief feeling out period Daley threw a jab and Koscheck shot in for a powerful single leg takedown. Koscheck drove Daley across the cage and as Daley tried to get up he slammed him to the canvas with a huge slam.  The rest of the round for full of Koscheck controlling Daley on the ground trying to improve his positions.  Later in the round Daley supposedly hit Koscheck with an illegal knee as Koscheck was down on the canvas, but the replay showed that the knee didn't land. 

The second round was more of the same as Koscheck avoided Daley's strikes and took him down to the ground.  Daley did a good job of getting back to half guard when Koscheck tried to pass his guard.  Koscheck  was close to submitting Daley, but Daley defended the chokes well. 

The third round started out with Daley landing some solid shots, and Koscheck looking for the takedown.  Koscheck gets the takedown and controls Daley for the duration of the fight.  Koscheck mounted Daley  about halfway thru the round but seemed content to win the decision.

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