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UFC 113 Results: Alan Belcher Facebusters Then Submits Patrick Cote In Rd. 2

The fight began and Belcher opened up with kicks to the body.. .several of them in fact.  Cote looked to counter with a right hand.  Cote was pressing the action but was eating lots of body kicks.  Cote with a takedown off a Belcher kick and worked for a kimura from halfguard.  Belcher reversed nicely and landed in Cote's halfguard.  Belcher was working for an arm triangle but Cote defended well.  Belcher with some body shots and was working for another arm triangle as the bell sounded.  Cote is cut over his right eye.

Round 2 and Belcher opening up with body kicks again with Cote trying to counter with the right hand.  Both guys are standing and trading with nothing major landing.  Both guys score in a flurry and Belcher pins Cote up against the cage.  Belcher with a nice elbow and a right hand as Cote lands a right of his own.  Belcher with a nice knee and Cote catches it and takes Belcher down.  Belcher with a damn facebuster that dazes Cote. Belcher takes Cotes back sinks in the RNC for the submission win.

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