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UFC 113 Results: Matt Mitrione Dominates Kimbo Slice For TKO Win In Rd. 2

Kimbo Slice came out on fire with some huge slams.  However, Matt Mitrione survived those brutal slams to come back and dominate Kimbo Slice in the second round.

Actually, Mitrione had Slice in a couple of close submission attempts in the first round but Slice defended and survived.  It appeared that Kimbo began to gas at the end of the first round and Mitrione began to take advantage.  He came out in the second round and began to chop at Kimbo's legs with solid leg kicks as well as punches to Slice's chin. 

Once Mitrione realized that Kimbo was gassed, he applied the pressure and kept going for the finish.  He tried multiple chokes and when that didn't work he mounted Kimbo and began raining strikes.  Kimbo was so gassed he couldn't do anything bout just absorb the the blows and the ref came in to stop the fight.  Mitrione with the TKO win.

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