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UFC 113 Results: Jeremy Stephens Edges Sam Stout In A Three Round War

It was power vs. technique as I said in the preview.  The first round was full of action as Stephen's landed the harder shots with his hands mostly.  He dropped Stout with a huge right hand early in the fight.  Stout landed a lot of leg kicks and counters.  However, Stephens had the edge i the round with the amount of damage done to Stout.

The second round was more of the same with Stephens landing the harder shots and Stout looking for short combinations ending with a leg kick.  Stephens looked like he began to slow about halfway thru the second round.  Stout did a good job of landing leg kicks in this round, and Stephens did some damage in the last 40 seconds of the fight.  Very close round to score, but I would give it to Stout.

The third round starts and Stout connected with a combo that ended with a low kick in the groin.  The action resumed and Stephens with a kick.  Stout landed a low kick that seemed to stun Stephens and Stout  pounced sending Stephens to the canvas.  Stout with some decent elbows from the top position.  Stephens gets back to his feet and they exchange a few shots before the final bell sounds.  The judges award the unanimous decision to Jeremy Stout.

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