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UFC 113 Preview: Can Sam Stout Withstand The Power Of Jeremy Stephens?

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Stout talks about continuing what he started with his last win over Joe Lauzon:

"I’m training the same way, and I started off camp the same way," he said. "Obviously there are some minor detail changes in putting our gameplan together because Jeremy is a much different fighter than Joe, but I’ve been keeping the same blueprint for the training camp and trying to remember the mentality I had, and doing whatever I can to feel the same way." 

"I’m not saying I’m gonna stand with him the entire fight," he said. "If the opportunity comes up and I see a takedown, I might go for it. But I’ve got no problem standing up with Jeremy if that’s what it comes down to for three rounds."

I really think the difference in this fight is going to be the technical aspect of Stout versus the power of Stephens.  We've seen Stout survive three round wars with Spencer Fisher, and we've seen Stephens come from the brink of defeat against Raphael dos Anjos to get a KO win.  I think Stout will have the advantage standing and he has a hell of a chin, but if Stephens connects he could definitely do some damage.  That guy throws punches with everything he has with each punch.  This should be a cool fight, but hopefully it doesn't turn into a sloppy kickboxing match up.  I'm roll with Stout via decision. 


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