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MMA For Real UFC 113 Staff Predictions

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Kelvin Hunt:

Shogun vs. Machida-I've stated time and time again.  Shogun won the first fight by fighting the perfect fight(although the judges were retarted).  I'm not sure if he can pull that off again with the adjustments that Machida will make to defend against his kicks.  Not to mention the offensive adjustments that Machida will make in this one.  I think Shogun can win this fight if he can get Machida to the ground, but he was unable to do so in the first match up.  Granted he didn't really try to do it much either though.  I think this one is a close fight as well that goes to the judges in favor of Machida.

SBN coverage of UFC 113: Machida vs. Shogun II

Koscheck vs. Daley-If Koscheck fights to his strengths, he'll put Daley away relatively easily.  If he fights stupid(and he does this sometimes), he's a left hook away from going to sleep.  I think he fights smart and submits Daley in the 2nd round.

Belcher vs. Cote-The long layoff is going to be too much for Cote to overcome.  Plus, Belcher a more well rounded fighter.  Belcher takes the decision here.

Slice vs. Matrione-I would rather Kimbo win, but I think Matrione is a tough matchup for him.  Matrione has power and length on his side.  If Kimbo can get him to the ground, Kimbo may be able to pull something off.  Otherwise Matrione knocks Kimbo out.

Stout vs. Stephens-Stephens has the power, Stout is the more technical of the two, not to mention that Stout has a tremendous chin.  I think Stout outpoints Stephens all night enroute to a decision win.

Hendricks vs. Grant-Hendrick's wrestling will be too much and he'll avoid the submissions from Grant.  Hendricks via UD.

Lawlor vs. Doerkson-Lawlor takes out the MMA veteran via TKO

Yoshida/Guymon-Yoshida via Submission

-MacDonald vs. Salter-MacDonald via UD

-Davis vs. Goulet-Davis via TKO

-Beltran vs. Hague-Beltran via TKO

Rich Wyatt:

- Machida over Rua by decision. I don't expect this to be a super exciting fight, but it's an interesting matchup from a strategic standpoint and anytime the world championship in MMA's 205 pound division is up for grabs, it's a big deal. Enjoy.
- Koscheck over Daley by submission in the 1st. This is a big opportunity for both guys to put their names solidly in the mix for a future title shot. Should be fun.
- Cote over Belcher by TKO in the 3rd.
- Stout over Stephens by TKO in the 3rd.
- Mitrione over Ferguson by TKO in the 1st. Some of the suits at Zuffa will be going for "Kimbo Slice" to get this win. Things are more interesting, for sure, if he does. Still, I've got a feeling that Mitrione could give him some problems early on. We shall see.
- Hendricks over Grant by TKO in the 2nd. One of the best wrestlers in MMA continues to improve his MMA game. Will it be enough to defeat a solid submission artist in Grant? I'm betting so.
- Lawlor over Doerkson by decision.
- Yoshida over Guymon by decision.
- Beltran over Hague by TKO in the 2nd.
- MacDonald over Salter by decision.
- Davis over Goulet by TKO in the 1st.

Charles Walker:

Lyoto Machida vs. Mauricio "Shogun" Rua
- This fight is just as intriguing the second time around as the first.  Both guys are very hard to predict and when they're on their game both are almost invincible.  With that said, I see this fight going similar to the last but with one of the two taking a few extra risks.  I have a feeling Shogun may try to take it to the ground or Machida will try to use his clinch more and close the distance enough to trip Shogun or use his sumo background to take it to the mat.  I could see Machida racking up points but using this, especially in the early rounds to throw Shogun off.  However, don't take this as me discounting Shogun, I could very well see Machida expecting the leg kicks and getting clipped with one of Shogun's haymakers.  However, we've NEVER seen Machida rocked and I don't think Shogun's the one to do it.  So, Machida via decision.

Josh Koscheck  vs. Paul Daley
- I want this fight to be good, because it could really be exciting, however that's exactly what we thought about the Koscheck/Rumble Johnson fight and that ended being a stinker.  This will probably follow suit.  I see Koscheck standing for a little while to feed his ego and surviving but then taking Daley down and commencing to put his face through a meat grinder eventually leading to another rear naked choke and a one way ticket to GSPland.

Jeremy Stephens  vs. Sam Stout
- If this fight is even remotely boring then I'm going to play the lottery the next day because something's up.  Stout is the much better striker and can take a licking, so I see him and Stephens trading in a fun fight and Stout getting the decision his way.

Kevin "Kimbo Slice" Ferguson  vs. Matt Mitrione
- I was going to write a lot about this fight but is it worth it?  We know why Kimbo's in the UFC and we know why he's fighting someone like Mitrione on the main card of a PPV.  With that said, this is a hard fight to call because if Kimbo's truly been dedicated to training, he should be able to outwrestle (did I say that?) Matt and possibly eek out a decision or heaven forbid slip in a submission.  However, if Mitrione clips him, he could go to sleep but I think Kimbo's chin is much better than we give it credit.  With that said, Kimbo via something.

Alan Belcher  vs. Patrick Cote
- Fun fight.  The long layoff will probably play a part in this but Belcher's not known for his stellar cardio either.  Cote can take a punch/kick as we've seen so I don't see Belcher being able to stop him and I doubt Belcher will be able to wrestle him to the mat, while I see Cote using the clinch to beat up on Belcher and land some of his patented power shots.  I think both will fade midway through this but Cote will do enough for the win.

Joe Doerksen  vs. Tom Lawlor
- Lawlor via TKO in round 2....can't wait to see what he does for his entrance.

Jonathan Goulet  vs. Marcus Davis
- Davis via total destruction in the first round.

Yoshiyuki Yoshida  vs. Mike Guymon
- Yoshida takes a decision.  Interesting match up though, loser probably gets cut too.

Tim Hague  vs. Joey Beltran
- Hague's going to be tough for Beltran but I'm going to give Beltran his due and say he comes out fast and furious and lands something that sends Hague to the mat.

T.J. Grant  vs. Johny Hendricks
- Hendricks via superior wrestling

Jason MacDonald  vs. John Salter
- MacDonald will eek out a decision

Robert Downey Sr.

Shogun vs. Machida

Both fighters know what the other has to offer and have tasted what each can throw except for on the ground. If it goes to the ground, I think Shogun has the edge with demonstrably better jiu-jitsu. I also think Shogun is the better finisher, and that he gets it done this time after wearing Machida down. Shogun by TKO OR Sub in Rd 4

Josh Koscheck vs. Paul Daley

Koscheck got tagged by Anthony Johnson a few times his last match against a striker and didn't like the taste of it at all. After some curious fouls, he forced the fight to the mat where he outclassed Rumble. Daley is a more polished striker than Johnson yet shares the one-strike KO capacity. If Koscheck wants to kickbox like he did against AJ, his lights go out in the first. I think he's smarter than that, and subs Daley after wrestling with him for a bit. Koscheck by Sub, Rd 2

Sam Stout vs. Jeremy Stephens

I don't quite buy the whole "Hands of Stone" monicker, considering Stout hasn't KO'd anyone in three years. Stout's battles with Spencer Fisher were awesome, though, and he demonstrated that he can throw and take a punch. Stephens just doesn't win against strikers, and Stout is a good kickboxer. Stout by KO, Rd 1

Kimbo Slice vs. Matt Mitrione

I love me some Kimbo, but he just isn't good at anything. I'm taking Mitrione on sheer athleticism. Mitrione by TKO, Rd 2

Patrick Cote vs. Alan Belcher

Ring rust will obviously be the biggest question for Cote going into this fight. He hit's like a freight truck and has a cast-iron jaw, so I don't think Belcher will put him away. Belcher has impressed me over the last year, though, showing a marked improvement under Duke Rufus with his stellar performances against Wilson Gouveia and Sexyama. Even if the latter was a loss, Belcher showed very good striking and cage awareness (I'm directly referencing that awesome Superman punch) against the very talented Asian sensation. Belcher by decision.


Lyoto Machida def. Mauricio Rua Unanimous Decision

Jeremy Stephens def. Sam Stout KO Rd. 2

Marcus Davis def. Jonathan Goulet KO Rd. 1

Allen Belcher def. Patrick Cote Unanimous Decision

TJ Grant def. Johny Hendricks Submission Rd. 3

Josh Koscheck def. Paul Daley Submission Rd. 2

Mike Guymon def. Yoshiyuki Yoshida Unanimous Decision

Tom Lawlor def. Joe Doerkson Split Decision

Joey Beltran def. Tim Hauge TKO Rd. 2

Jason McDonald def. John Salter Submission Rd. 2