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Bellator 17 Recap: Huerta Upset By Curran, And Alvarez Puts Neer To Sleep

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Well it looks as thought Bellator's hopes of matching Roger Huerta up against Eddie Alvarez have crumbled because one of them couldn't keep their end of the bargain.  Which meant Roger Huerta making it to the finals of the tournament.  Instead, it'll be a re-match from last year with Toby Imada taking on Eddie Alvarez for a second time if Imada gets past Pat Curran who upset Roger Huerta.  Imada lost to Alvarez via rear naked choke in their last match up back at Bellator 12.  Here's how the fights went:

SBN coverage of Bellator XVII

Carey Vanier vs. Toby Imada-Vanier came out strong in the first round and I had him winning the first round actually.  He landed the cleaner shots and even took Imada down a couple of times but didn't do much with the takedowns.  However, I noticed that Vanier started to slow down just a tad right before the bell sounded to end the first and I was right.  Imada started the 2nd round on a mission and was able to stuff a couple of Vanier's takedown attempts.  He began to assert himself as Vanier faded and was able to catch Vanier in an armbar that Vanier valiantly tried to defend.  However, Imada was able to get the tap as he rolled Vanier over to his back and stretched his arm out.  Imada will face Alvarez in the finals.

Roger Huerta vs. Pat Curran-Huerta came out a little flat in the first round which allowed Curran to steal a close but lackluster round.  However, Huerta was able to assert himself in the second round, scoring at will with kicks to Curran's lead leg.  He also did a good job of pushing the pace and stalking Curran somewhat.  However, that may have done him in for the third round as Huerta appeared to gas in the last round.  Both fighters landed some shots in the final frame and traded takedowns.  But it was Curran who landed the cleaner shots and was awarded the unanimous decision in a huge upset.

Eddie Alvarez vs. Josh Neer-It wasn't much of a super fight with Neer not being ranked in the top 25 for lightweights, but he is a tough cookie.  However, he wasn't tough enough tonight as Alvarez had his way with Neer.  Neer couldn't stop Alvarez's takedowns and ground and pound.  After a pretty dominant first round, Alvarez opened Neer up with what looked like an illegal elbow.  He was able to take Neer's back and sink in the rear naked choke.  Neer tried to fight it as he stood with Alvarez on his back, but then collapsed to the canvas as he passed out.  Alvarez will face the winner of Curran/Imada.

Cole Konrad vs. Pat Bennett-This was a ugly fight between two very green heavyweights.  However, one of them happens to be a training partner of UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar in Konrad.  Konrad is also a highly decorated amateur wrestler.  He took Bennett down in the first round and blooded him up , but wasn't close to finishing the fight.  Both fighters gassed pretty badly early in the fight.  Konrad took the unanimous decision.