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Kimbo Slice Faces Stiff Challenge Against Matt Mitrione at UFC 113

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On Saturday, Kimbo Slice takes on Matt Mitrione in what has to be to be the least-skilled fight featured on a UFC pay-per-view main card in some years. Mitrione is a decent wrestler with some pop in his hands and Kimbo, as we all know, is a muscled up brawler with adequate boxing. Mitrione is a former pro football player with only one professional fight under his belt, a KO of the weak-chinned Marcus Jones. Kimbo used to fight on the streets, and actually has a lot more experience in MMA that could make up for the athletic disadvantage.

There are no more than three ways this fight can transpire. The first one—and likeliest—would be Mitrione taking down Kimbo immediately and grounding him out. Kimbo is tough, so while I don’t believe he’s developed any kind of base to fend off Mitrione’s takedowns, I also don’t think he’ll be stopped so easily. The second possibility is that in the brief interludes where the fight could be on the feet, Kimbo lands some combos that wobble Mitrione. Kimbo doesn’t have thunderous power, but he hits hard enough and throws a tight hook. The third and final way is a wild card: Kimboplex followed by brutal ground and pound.

Admittedly I want to seep option number three to occur, at which point I would mark out bigger than I have since Big Nog dropped Randy Couture last year. If Mitrione is smart, he shoots and works on top of Kimbo as often as he can until the fight is stopped or time runs out. Can he knockout Kimbo standing? Probably. But the GSP school of thought says do what you do best and win the easy way. My heart says Kimbo but my head says Mitrione, so that’s who I’m going with.