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Shine Fights: Ricardo Mayorga Will Fight Din Thomas On May 15th

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"King is Mayorga's boxing promoter. We are his MMA promoter."


NEW YORK, NY (May 5, 2010) - Despite demands from Don King Productions to "cease and desist" promoting Ricardo Mayorga, Shine Fights Promotions CEO Devin Price is assuring fight fans that the May 15th MMA event "WORLDS COLLIDE: MAYORGA VS. THOMAS" will go forward "without a doubt." Price also added, "Shine Fights has a valid and exclusive promotional contract with Ricardo Mayorga for mixed martial arts. We are pleased to offer both MMA fans and boxing fans a great night of MMA action on Saturday, May 15th."

"When we announced this fight I said that we think Mayorga's fans are just that, his fans, and that they will follow him to MMA," said Price. "Our target is to convert many boxing fans into fans of both sports."

The Crown Coliseum in Fayetteville, NC will host "Worlds Collide," which will also be broadcasted live on PPV, beginning at 6:00 PM PT/9:00 PM ET. Mayorga vs. Thomas tops an action-packed card loaded with MMA stars. The show will be live on pay per view on cable and satellite in the United States and Canada. It will be in High Definition, and it will be available in both English and Spanish (where available). The MMA showdown will be distributed live by MultiVision Media, Inc. The suggested retail price for the MMA showdown is $29.95.

Shine Fight Promotions, LLC is a U.S.-based organization that seeks to deliver the art, discipline, respect, and passion that is mixed martial arts (MMA) to the global market. Shine is committed to the growth of MMA, and is focused on creating a positive experience for both fighters and fans. Organizing the fights that fighters and fans want to see by arranging the most competitive and interesting matches available is the foremost goal of the promotion. Shine Fight Promotion seeks to grow through innovation, high production values, dramatic and engaging fights, and the promotion of authentic MMA. Above all, Shine is committed to letting fighters, fans, and the sport "shine" through dynamic events. To learn more about Shine Fight Promotions, visit or follow the organization on Twitter @ShineFights, Myspace (, YouTube ( or become a fan on Facebook.