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Randy Couture Wants A Title Shot Within The Next Six Months

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That's pretty much what he said on the MMAWeekly radio show:

"I think within the next six months I'd like to be in line to fight the winner of the Machida/Shogun fight,."  "I'm going to be in Montreal to watch that fight very attentively. I think it's going to be a great fight,"  

I think it's going to be a great fight too, but there's no way that Couture should be in line for a title shot in 6 months.  He's being rumored to face James Toney at UFC 118, and that certainly isn't helping his case even if he wins.  If he does fight for the title, this would be his path he has taken as a light heavyweight.

-Arguably defeated Brandon Vera at UFC 105

-Defeated Mark Coleman at UFC 109

-Would have to defeat James Toney at UFC 118

Those guys are no where NEAR the top of the light heavyweight division, I mean let's be real about it.  The UFC has gift wrap some title shots for Couture in the past, but this would just be over the top.  Now, if Machida wins it would be somewhat more realistic in the fact that their options would be limited in regards to opposition.  As Charles pointed out the other day, the only real option would be Rampage Jackson, and he has to get by Rashad Evans first later this month.  Nobody really wants to see Rashad Evans fight Lyoto Machida(I wouldn't mind it if Rashad fought smarter cause he has the tools to beat him IMO).  Couture would have to fight and beat someone top 5 before I would even think about saying he's earned a title shot.   What's your take on it?