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Strikeforce Heavyweight Champion Alistair Overeem Isn't Running From Drug Testing, He Welcomes It

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From MMAnews:

"People will always speculate. I will be tested just like anybody else and like I’ve said before I weighed 235 pounds in no time when I did not have to cut weight. Gaining 10 pounds  a year by lifting weights isn’t a big problem. Before I would cut between 22-26 pounds to get to the 205-pound weight limit. It was crazy. Now that I can eat and do not have to cut anymore (with his move to heavyweight division) it was easy to put on the extra muscle weight."  

"I feel great. People are just jealous. I don’t see or hear any of these types of accusations towards Brock Lesnar yet he is even bigger than I am. They can test me all they want. I’ll be in the states soon and I will prove everyone wrong."

Now, what Overeem says above does make sense in that he was cutting a great deal of weight to make the 205 weight limit back in the day.  That was over 7 years ago, not to mention he's about 6'5" tall.  I've done my share of weight lifting during my baseball years, and it wouldn't be too difficult to put on some solid muscle in this time span.  However, the dramatic difference between him now and then coupled with his avoidance of fighting where there's consistent testing raises the flag for most people including myself.

His jab at Lesnar is silly based on his logic.  Lesnar has always been huge.