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Karo Parisyan Possibly Going To Strikeforce?

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That's the rumor/word from MMAFighting:

Former UFC welterweight contender Karo Parisyan has been in talks to fight for Strikeforce, MMA Fighting has learned.

Parisyan has not signed a contract with the San Jose-based organization yet, but if he does, he could debut as early as June 16 on the Strikeforce: Los Angeles show, which would make sense since the Armenian-born fight currently resides in the North Hollywood, Calif., area.

When contacted by MMA Fighting, Strikeforce refused to confirm or deny any talks with Parisyan.

A host of bad decisions and poor performances have put Karo Parisyan on pretty much everyone's dookie list.  I'll admit I'm a fan of the guy as a fighter, and I even picked him to be my comeback fighter of the year for 2009.  However, his testing positive for banned painkillers took away his UFC 94 victory against Dong Hyun Kim and it was all downhill from there.  He pulled out of UFC 106 at the 11th hour and also had pulled out of a fight at UFC 88 at the 11th hour.  That coupled with his wild history prompted Dana White to say that Karo would never fight in the UFC again.  Now, we know we can talk that statement with a grain of salt somewhat.  However, the crazy thing about Karo is that he's ONLY 27 years old.  It's not likely, but just imagine if he could get his life somewhat back together?  He's a talented guy and relentless fighter when he trains, but should Strikeforce take a chance on him?