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UFC 114 Controversy: Fightmetric Indicates Brilz The Winner Against Nogueira

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On the fightmetric system Brilz was declared the winner.  However, it was declared a draw on the ten point must system which is what he use here in America for MMA. 

The fightmetric striking score was 206-143 in favor of Brilz and the grappling score was 95-45 in favor of Brilz for an overall score of 206-143 in favor of Brilz. 

The first round striking was almost dead even with Nogueira landing one more strike overall.  However, he landed 3 more power shots than Brilz.  Both had one takedown a piece with Brilz getting to Nogueira's half guard once.  The striking score was 32-24 in favor of Nogueira in the first round with the grappling score 14-5 in favor of Brilz.  Which means the total for round 1 was 39-37 in favor of brilz according to fightmetric's version of scoring the fight.

I think Nogueira underperformed while Brilz overcheived(in oddsmakers eyes) thus people kind of going a little overboard with the robbery claims.  It basically came down to how you scored the first round as I said last night.  

As you can see it was pretty much as close as it can get.  Now, if we were using the PRIDE scoring system Brilz was clearly the winner, but we are not using that method.  We can only go by who wins which rounds. 

Round 1 was a toss up really, while Brilz took round 2, and Nogueira took round 3.

Still think it was robbery?

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