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UFC 114 Results:Rashad Evans Defeats Rampage Jackson Via Unanimous Decision

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The fight begins and Rampage lands a jab.  Rashad lands a big right and wobbles Jackson.  Rashad rushes in for the takedown and Rampage defends well.  Rampage with a knee. Rashad goes for another takedown and Rampage defends.  Rampage with another nice knee.  The ref seperates them.  Rashad pawing with the lead hand.  Rashad shoots for a takedown and gets it...landing in side control.  Rashad with a nice right hand and Rampage is back to his feet.  Rashad with a nice knee as they are pinned against the cage.  Rashad digs to the body.  Rampage with two big shots before the bell rings.

SBN coverage of UFC 114: Rampage vs. Evans

The second round starts and both land as they clinch.  Rashad pins Rampage against the cage.  Rampage catches Rashad as they seperate.  Rashad shoots for a takedown and Rampage defends against the cage.  Rashad stalling against the cage trying to wear Rampage down it seems.  Rampage lunges with huge left hook that misses.  Rashad with a jab.  Rampage with a lunging left hook that might have landed.  Rashad with an uppercut and Rampage lands a knee as they clinch.  Rampage and Rashad scramble with neither landing anything significant.

The final round begins and Rampage pumps the jab. Rampage with a right hand.  Rampage rocks Rashad!  Rampage trying to finish and Rashad...Rashad trying to recover and they get back to their feet.  Rashad with a takedown and puts Rampage up against the fence.  Rashad with punches.  Rampage is back to his feet and Rashad with another takedown.  Rashad with punches as the final bell sounds.